Progressive Game Jam

I am currently one of the hosts/facilitators of my local Game Dev community's Progressive Game Jam. It's a 9 month long game jam where teams meet regularly and make a game while learning different skills along the way from the facilitators. (I'm the one in the striped hoodie)


I'm a huge fan of Overwatch Esports and currently co-host a podcast called The Blackwatch Report. I've also been a guest and guest-host on 3 other shows as well. 

Sacramento Developer Collective

At the start of the year I was voted onto the Board of Directors for the SDC which is a non-profit that aims to educate, assist and showcase Sacramento’s local developers. I am helping to plan the year end event called the Capital Creative Showcase.


I write music under the name "The Voice of Reason" and have written more than 100 songs of varying styles.

Process Videos

I occasionally break down some of the sounds I've designed in a video series I call "Sound Design Process." This is less of a tutorial and more of an analysis or dissection of sound design.. 

Music Video

During my senior year of high school, my PE teacher commissioned me to do a "Workout Anthem" and I made a music video to accompany it. Sick After Effect skills and subpar vocals incoming.