Kyle T. Wynn

 (916) 600-3850 Email:


Game Dev Work:

Producer, Game Designer, Sound Designer and Writer, Evocus, 2018-19(ongoing)

·       Lead a team of 5 members in developing a competitive strategy and tactics game

·       Established both large 8 month developmental milestones and smaller monthly goals and kept team on track in completing goals through online communication and bi-weekly in person meetings

·       Designed, tested, iterated and balanced 26 unique units with different stats and abilities

·       Designed, tested and iterated all audio assets in the game


Head of Progressive Game Jam, Member of Board of Directors, Sacramento Game Dev Collective (non-profit), 2019 (ongoing)

·       Ran a community driven, educational program directed at walking hobbiest game developer teams through an 8 month game development cycle from ideation to shipping a completed game

·       Provided supplementary educational programs on Marketing, Working within a Team and Organization and Business Development

·       Worked with 10 other Directors on planning events and educational programs for the community, organizing outreach for schools and underserved communities interested in Game Development

·       Worked with local game studios and professionals on educating SDC members on various Game Dev topics


Sound Designer and Producer, Raining Snakes, 2017-18

·       Worked with solo dev on creating achievable goals, establishing realistic timelines and getting started with marketing their game for release to Google Play

·       Designed sounds and edited existing sounds for a shipped mobile puzzle game


Sound Designer and Project Leader, Bright Bots Factory, 2017-18

·       Led team of four in creating a PC Puzzle game over an 8 month period

·       Designed Sounds and Composed Music


Relevant Skills:

Game Development

·       4 years experience using JIRA, Trello, GitHub, Gitlab and HackNPlan for project management and issue tracking

·       Have performed the roles of Producer, Project Lead, Sound Designer, Composer, Game Designer, QA tester, UX/UI Designer throughout 4 years of game dev experience

·       Experience with Photoshop, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Unity, Unreal, Source Control through Github, Gitlab and Sourcetree


Audio Engineering

·       6 years of Experience with Audio Recording, Digital Audio Workstations(DAWs), Editing and Mixing, Signal Flow, Microphones and Technique, Electronics in Audio, Sound Treatment, Digital Signal Processing and Sampling, Digital and Analog Consoles, Outboard Gear, Working with Musicians, Other Engineers and Producers

·       Experience working with Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR), Foley, Sound Design and Music Editing

·       Experience with 5.1 Surround Mixing

·       Experience with Wwise (completed Wwise 101 and 201) and FMOD

·       Experience with PureData graphical programming

·       Experience in audio editing with iZotope RX5



California State University Chico, BA Recording Arts, May 2017

·       Cumulative GPA: 3.4

·       Resident Advisor/Senior Resident Advisor for 3 years